Indus Pipes is a Customer-Oriented Organization. At Indus we are dedicated to provide our customers best possible services, before sales & after sales. Our purpose-oriented team works 24/7 in close co-ordination with customers to provide them "winning solutions". Indus Services Department offers our customers various services with focusing not only on the Technical aspects but also the financial issues regarding a Project. These Services include Layout & Designing, Rehabilitation of complete Pipeline network; BOQ's & Detailed feasibility reports, education & training sessions and General Services which include selection of appropriate material, jointing techniques, pressure requirements etc.

Lowest Price PVC Pipe Manufacturer in Pakistan

Akbar & Zikria Pipe is a leading company providing industries, cities, municipalities and private households with flexible solutions for transporting, storing and treating liquids, air and gases. Plastics has been Akbar & Zikria Pipe's business for over 30 years and the majority of the products are made in PE-HD polyethylene and PVC. To keep the position as technological leader in the market AZP also provide soultions to the customers for their complete Pipeline which includes Turnkey Projects, Designing & Development of large Pipeline Networks, rehabilitation of Pipelines, Training session for individuals & groups, customer support services etc.


AZP provides complete solution for the Pipeline networks focusing on tailoring optimal, cost efficient and complete Large-Diameter piping solutions to customers for their projects on Global basis. The engineering staff offers extensive technical support and knowledge in challenging piping designs and installations. By combining the excellent properties of plastic piping with the experience and engineering skills of AZP, customers are ensured of the most cost efficient and long lasting solution.


Successful completion of any project starts with good planning and design. Involving Project Services at an early stage of the project will save money and ensure a successful and smooth installation process. It also minimizes the risk of encountering unexpected and time-consuming challenges that might occur during the project. If you want, you can leave the whole project in the hands of Technical Support Department of AZP and receive a complete solution. Technical Support Department can take full project responsibility by offering a "turnkey" installation, but can also offer expertise in any phase of the project. The Technical Support Department at AZP is divided into three main areas offering tailored services to its customers. Sales can support with feasibility studies, financing, legal issues, permits and risk management. Design and Engineering supports in everything from optimising designs to quality insurance and resource management. Project and Site Management takes care of planning schedules, handling of subcontractors, allocation of resources, handling of installations, ensuring quality of operations and finally handing over.