Best Pipes and Fittings in Pakistan

Indus provides the best plastic pipes and fittings in Pakistan. We are committed to providing long-lasting plastic Pipes and Fitting in Pakistan and across the global market since 2001.

Best pipes and fittings in Pakistan

INDUS pipes exhibit high tensile strength and good flexibility in the overall range of temperature conditions. Unparalleled customer support and a thriving company culture are just two of the things that make IndusPipes unique.

Best plastic pipes and fittings in Pakistan

Plastic pipes are easy to maintain and install. Choose Indus plastic pipes and fittings for your next project

Welcome to Indus Pipes and Fittings

Indus Pipes by Akbar & Zikria Pipes Pvt Ltd. is committed to providing the best Pipes and Fitting products to the global market since 2001



Core Values


We are proud of our trustworthy culture that is seen in everything we do, throughout the entire process, from raw material to finished product.


Quality is an absolutely essential part of our organization. When we say quality, we’re talking quality control – to ensure the desired product is being delivered to our respected client.

Professional Team

Every employee is an essential part of our vibrant culture that thrives on innovation, hard work, creativity, and a commitment to our customers.

About Indus

indus pipes and fittings about us

M/s Akbar & Zikria Pipes (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2002 and started in-house production for PVC pipes with the brand name of “Indus Pipes.” In order to coup up with the needs of our County as well as this Region, the Company established a Quality Control Laboratory with sophisticated European “ZWICK” German testing equipment in line with international and P.S.I. Standards.


In order to deliver efficient and reliable products, INDUS also imported brand new European-made extruders along with downstream from “Dee Rollepaal, Holland” to produce high-quality Polyethylene, uPVC, and PPRC Pipes.


INDUS headquarter is located in the industrial area of Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. INDUS is a part of Pakistan’s largest manufacturer and supplier of high-performance plastic piping products and offers the best and most cost-effective pipe system for its customers from the last 18 years. Our factory specializes in uPVC, CPVC, PE, and PPRC pipe systems for Gas / Water.

Why US?


We provide premium-quality & durable pipes and fittings designed to withstand extreme weather conditions at affordable prices. Save more money with us.

Straight from the factory

Get the manufacturer rates, directly connect with Indus and get uPVC, CPV, HDPE, MDPE, PPRC, and electrical conduits straight from the factory.

Quality Manufacturer

Our Quality Assurance team has been working day and night to ensure sustainable products meeting national & international standards ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004.

Product Ranges

Complete Piping Solution

We provide premium quality pipes guaranteed to last forever. Indus Pipes offers a wide range of products and ranges, including HDPE Pipes & Fittings, uPVC Pipes & Fittings, PPRC Pipes & Fittings, MDPE Pipes & Fittings, and Electrical Conduits. Our pipes and fittings have been designed to endure the harshest weather conditions, which makes them the ideal choice for all of your water supply needs.


We are a company that strives for excellence, and we believe that our customers should get a product that will serve them for years to come. Not only that, Indus as a company follows a controlled quality management system to ensure the finest quality of its products.

Complete piping solution


Manufacturing Process


Call directly to Indus for economical, strong, and durable Pipes and fittings.

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