We offer high-quality cpvc pipes and fittings that are long-lasting.
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CPVC Pipes and Fittings

CPVC Pipes as per ASTM F441/F441M-13

CPVC stands for Chlorinated Poly (Vinyl Chloride). Indus CPVC can withstand more pressure as compared to PPR. Having 60% greater tensile strength, CPVC is considered a more durable and stronger piping material. Multiple international studies, including one conducted by research firm Kiwa in 2007, have demonstrated that CPVC piping systems outperform than the alternative piping materials, particularly PPR, in terms of antibacterial efficacy.


Indus CPVC Pipes are being Manufactured from ½” to 14”  as per ASTM F441/F441M-13

Benefits of using Indus CPVC Pipes

  •   Excellent Physical Properties
  •   Superior Installation
  •   UV Resistant
  •    Better Antimicrobial Performance
  •    Eco Friendly
  •    Long Term Performance
  •    Chlorine Resistant
  •    Fire Resistant
  •    Approved for Fire Sprinkler
  •    Quality Assurance

Fire Related Indus CPVC Properties

In Case of Indus CPVC:

  •       Low flame spread
  •       Low smoke generation
  •       Self extinguishing
  •       No flaming drips


Heat of combustion of PPR is about 3x more than CPVC generating more heat and easy burning. Indus CPVC has 60 Limiting Oxygen Index, which means that CPVC is resistant to fire.

CPVC vs PPR comparison

CPVC Pricing Table

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