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PPRC Pipes as per DIN 8077-8078 and PN-16 & 20

PPRC stands for Polypropylene Random Copolymer. Indus PPRC Pipes & Fittings are being used for (Hot and Cold Water) installation of Residential buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Offices, Schools building etc. 


PPRC Pipes are being Manufactured from 20 mm to 110 mm (PN-16 & 20) in accordance with DIN standard 8077-8078 and PE fittings are being imported conforms to standard DIN 16962(PN-25).

Raw Material

The Indus® PPRC Pipes are made of the highest quality raw materials. We import Polypropylene Random Copolymers (PPR) produced by a leading global manufacturer, which is perfectly suitable for hot and cold liquids at high-pressure points, from PN-10 up to PN-25 as per DIN 8077-09.


Indus® PPRC Pipes are suitable for transporting hot and cold fluids under pressure for long periods of time. This capability makes them ideal for construction of Hot and Cold water in residential and industrial buildings. Indus PPRC pipes are also suitable for transporting fluids for human consumption, industrial fluids and compressed air supply.

PPRC Pricing Table

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