The products that are being manufactured and developed by us, are durable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly, designed in a way to provide safety of life. Our aim is to focus on quality, best manufacturing practices, and continuous improvement of our facilities, processes, and people. We maintain an orientation toward improving quality, efficiency, and product development to satisfy customer requirements.

Quality Assurance

Throughout the production cycle, from Phase I to IV, quality is controlled by the Quality Assurance team. Indus conducts a series of controls and tests to determine conformity. In order to accept a production lot, the Quality Control service extracts samples from the product according to the testing protocol established by product standards.

quality assurance at indus
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Test Laboratory

INDUS® well-equipped laboratory consists of modern calibrated machines “Zwick/Roell Gmbh” (Germany), to meet stringent quality standards to achieve our objectives. Continuous improvements, innovative production techniques, and reviews of existing facilities are always carried out without affecting the consistency of the production process.


Various lab tests such as Heat Reversion, Hydrostatic Pressure, Impact Strength, Melt Flow, Methylene, Tensile/Elongation, etc are performed at INDUS to ensure the quality and performance of our products.

INDUS Compliance Standards


Extrusion Section


  • A-Rex-8033 (PE)Extruder Machine-De-Rollepaal, Holland              
  • A-Rex-9033 (PE)Extruder Machine-De-Rollepaal, Holland
  • T-Rex-9033 (uPVC) Extruder Machine-De-Rollepaal, Holland
  • W-125 (uPVC) Extruder Machine-De-Rollepaal, Holland
  • W-84 (uPVC)   Extruder Machine-De-Rollepaal, Holland
  • Side Extruder  blue lining on PE Pipes

Water Cooling Arrangement


  • Chiller Dunham Bush USA Assembled in Malaysia


Mixing Section


  • TR-350, Mixing Machine England            

S-Socketing, Z-Jointing Section & Chamfering


  • S-Socketing & Z-Jointing Machine De-Rollepaal, Holland
  • Chamfering Machine –Pakistan


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